Our experience in providing tailored financial and commercial support enables our clients to focus on delivering high quality work to their own clients.

Clients benefit from a flexible and highly cost effective service. As well as this, we bring insight and expertise drawn from many years’ successful business practice.

We provide the following core services:

We assist our clients through the whole cycle of commercial planning. This includes conducting full strategic and operational reviews, gap analyses, the identification of key strategic requirements and goals, as well as developing successful strategic and tactical plans. These provide a framework for goals to be tracked and met.

Typical services in this area include:

We have a consistent track record of helping to deliver a strategic vision for finance endorsed by the whole company. This includes implementing new systems, processes and controls to support that delivery in the short, medium and long term.

We recognise it is crucial to provide meaningful and actionable plans which allow management to delegate responsibilities effectively, whilst retaining required levels of control and agreed targets.

Typical services in this area include:

There often comes a point in a business’s lifecycle where its sustainable growth rate and its future commercial prospects are improved with a significant step change in strategic direction.

When that change involves M&A activity, whether you are a business buyer or seller, finding the right strategic fit and price is as much a commercial art as a science. With a large minority of business strategic activity not fulfilling expectations, it is vital to maximise your likelihood of success by bringing in the right help.

We have worked on both successful ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ side transactions, ranging in value from £100k to £50m +, always significantly enhancing shareholder value at each stage of the process. This includes involvement in early stage preparation where substantial amounts of value can be added.

In conjunction with your other specialist and trusted advisers, we work together as a unified team to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Typical services in this area include:

Strong financial management is fundamental to a company’s successful future.

Many organisations are choosing to benefit from using targeted external specialists to assist not only with some elements of in-house day to day accounting but also higher level financial and commercial direction.

Through the provision of virtual financial directors and controllers, we tailor both the type and the grade of higher level support to fit your requirements. This support always complements the day to day finance and accounting work.

Our seasoned finance professionals offer services on a regular, virtual or on-demand basis, providing a cost effective way of preventing many common pitfalls and keeping your business commercially on track.

Typical services in this area include: